Support and Security

Never disclose your password with others.

Bear in mind that your personal data might be compromised if you lose your password or disclose it to others. If this happens, please change your password immediately in the Profile settings and inform our support team at as soon as possible.

Never share personal data or financial information.

This includes addresses (including e-mail addresses), Messenger IDs, URLs, credit cards and banking information, as well as your full name in your profile. Be aware that there are people who claim to represent our company and ask for payment for a prize or service that is offered directly through Globologo. Be especially careful if foreign users ask you for money because they are supposedly in trouble and need help urgently. These profiles are usually created using false pictures and are removed as soon as money has been received. Avoid controversial or provocative usernames as these can draw unwanted attention to you.

We recommend using your first name as a username. If you are insulted or harassed by another user, block this person immediately. Don’t put up with it! Block the user and report the incident to our support team at We will process your request as soon as possible.

Tips for real-life meetings

When chatting with new members, ask for a recent photo. Ideally, one taken in the last four weeks. Don’t let yourself be pressured or persuaded to meet someone if you do not feel ready or don’t have a good feeling about it. Try to call before meeting the person.

Inform your friends of your plans beforehand and arrange for them to phone you or something similar so that they can check that everything is in order. Always carry a charged cell phone with enough credit and inform someone you trust of the outcome of the meeting, even after you get home. Plan your journey home before you leave for the meeting.

Avoid meeting in someone’s home - whether yours or that of a stranger. Only share your private address once you get to know someone better.

A ready-made excuse can come in handy to cut short a meeting that’s not going well and when you want to leave early. We recommend holding all your first-time meetings in broad daylight and in public places - and staying sober throughout! Keep your drinks, food and personal items in sight at all times.

For further online security tips, please visit:
Get Safe Online