Who will you find here?

Find travel mates as backpacker Backpacker

You travel alone and love foreign lands, languages and cultures. You never want to stop learning and rediscovering the world. Boring package holidays or organised tourist tours are not your thing. You do your own thing and source insider's info from locals or other travel-addict globetrotters who are already familiar with your travel destination. From now on, you’ll never be alone in a foreign country. Globologo helps you contact like-minded people, before or during your trip, who will be at your destination when you arrive. Click on insider's tips from locals and travellers or let them show you the cheapest hostel in your area. Globologo helps make your trip easier and more fun with lots of information, tips, and, above all, lots of great international acquaintances.

Find travel mates for parties Party people

At festivals, clubbing on city tours or wild nights at the most popular party hotspots in the world - you love to party and meet new people with whom you and your friends can share your passion for fun. You’re open to no-strings-attached, holiday flirting and can pull some all-nighters long after your friends have run out of steam. Before your trip, find the party animals at your destination or when you get there, use the app to find out who is going out that evening and where. Making contract easily and at no charge via Globologo means nothing gets in the way of meeting good holiday buddies and maybe some hot flirting.

Find travel mates as businesswoman or businessman Business people

You travel abroad on business a lot. Unfortunately, your packed agenda leaves little time for socialising outside your job. How about giving yourself a break with dinner in good company? Wouldn't that be an ideal contrast to your hectic professional life? On Globologo you can see at a glance who is staying in the same city and ready and willing to meet up at short notice. Have a local show you a good restaurant or meet other business people in a bar to grow your network! Do not waste any time - find out before your trip who’s going to be at your destination when you're there and get to know friendly locals and like-minded travellers from around the world – simply and at no cost.

Find travel mates as family Families

For most families, holidays with the children can mean a balancing act between relaxation and looking after the kids. The little ones want to be entertained, your partner would rather lie on the beach instead of going on a shopping tour along the beachfront, and the other hotel guests are mostly childless. To ensure you don't get bent out of shape during the best time of the year and can’t devote enough time to relaxation or ensuring your children have fun, Globologo helps you and your family to create a holiday experience that will suit everyone. Find like-minded families for group activities, playmates for the kids or check out Globologo for the best family hotels, leisure activities and local attractions. Take advantage of the numerous recommendations from our community and share your experience with others.

Find travel mates for sport activities Activity-holiday-makers

You’re an active, outgoing, sociable person. You get the most out of your holiday and use to pursue your personal interests and hobbies. Lazing around is not your thing. Interests can be as varied as people themselves and one seldom finds, even within one's own circle of friends or tour group, people who share the same interests and are willing to pursue them on holiday. On Globologo you’ll find other active types who share your hobbies and will be visiting your destination at the same time. Get in contact well beforehand with people who share your interests and arrange to meet up on your next trip. Salmon fishing in Canada, climbing in Switzerland or diving in Egypt, find ideal companions for every activity and country and get first-hand information about any hotspots and regional situations that may affect your activity.

Find travel mates for relaxing holidays Relaxer

For you, holidays mean "just unwinding", leaving behind the daily routine and relaxing. You favour a certain ambiance and good food and are interested in typical attractions and foreign cultures and are also open to holiday exchanges with locals or like-minded travellers. Get in touch with like-minded travellers from all over the world quickly, easily and free of charge. Meet new and interesting people and turn your holiday into a memorable experience. Whether a leisurely boat tour on the lake, a game of boules on the beach or a karaoke evening in the lounge, on Globologo you’ll find the right people for any occasion.